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Our corporate client service covers the entire US visa application process – starting with initial advice on possible visa options, via actual visa application and finally preparation for entry to the USA.

Continuous changes of visa requirements

The requirements for companies during the US visa application process are demanding. The application procedures are highly complex and undergo frequent changes: the US authorities adopt new entry regulations, update forms or revise deadlines and fees.

Timely processing of visa applications

The effort which a US visa application entails will cost you time which you could put to better use elsewhere.
We offer the benefit of our expertise: After obtaining an overview of your individual situation we will develop strategies for the optimal and secure completion of your visa application.

With us, you’re never without support

We set great store by a working relationship founded on trust. We will provide you with intensive support throughout the application process and work hand in hand with you to resolve any issues.

Don’t leave anything to chance

Naturally there are many different people involved in the visa application procedures. Our US visa specialists will coordinate the overall process, thus guaranteeing the smooth handling of your application and an assured entry to the USA.

We have been highly satisfied with your service for many years now – rapid, straightforward assistance and, above all, flexible advice. Melanie Gräß, International Personnel Management, Krones AG


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Green Card Program

If you would like to live, study or work in the U.S.A. then you require a U.S. Green Card. For more information about the U.S. Green Card program visit www.green-card.com.

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